It’s a huge task when it comes to customizing men’s wedding bands! Considering the fact that men don’t want anything extra when it comes to jewellery – all they want is simple, elegant rings which don’t weigh down their finger! Especially nowadays, when men’s wedding rings are no longer just merely a wedding band – they have a lot more meaning to it. Some sites like are providing various options to customize the wedding rings and wedding bands. So here’s how you can customize men’s wedding rings:


This is the best way you can customize a ring. You can get anything engraved on the wedding ring – your name, a message, a short quote in a symbolic form, a date, a picture relevant to memory or even your heartbeat! Anything that’s dear to you can go on the ring. Choose the engraving wisely – take your time and also have a discussion with your partner about it too.

 Engraved ring

Classic wedding rings

When in doubt, go classic! There’s a reason why they’re known to be classic- they stand the test of times and still remain as evergreen as possible! Even among the classics though, there have been quite a few changes which are trending amongst men. Flat bands with rounded edges are the in vogue. Apart from that, you can even head for a concave wedding ring, for those who don’t like the ring sticking to their finger. The concave structured ring will ensure you have minimal contact with the skin.


You have a lot of options to go in when it comes to finishing. Instead of opting for the simple plain wedding band, jazz it up a bit with the full range of options available when to give a classy finish to your man’s wedding band. Finishing comes in a variety type – matte, wire brushed, soft brushed, pebbled, sandblasted and even satin. Check out all these options to give a twist the ring!

Mixed metals

For those who don’t know which metal to zero down into – alloys are a fantastic option! Get in all the metals you want the ring to be made up of. Alloys are not only stronger and durable but also are much better when it comes to sustaining wear and tear caused due to daily usage. Another important quality about alloys is that they are scratch proof. So yes, all in all, a perfect deal for the men who want lightweight, durable rings. Plus, you’re free to add whatever metals you want to, to the ring!

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