As the world has just stepped into a new year, now it is time to look at the latest set of dress trends in 2018. Whether your objective is to make your wardrobe more colorful and impressive or change yourself into a fresher style, following the emerging movements in the runways is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd. Here is the most popular dress trends to look for in 2018:

1. Art-infused
In Spring 2018, fashion and art are blended with each other on the runways all other the world, resulting in a rich, impressive, and colorful way to hone in any wardrobe. From cartoon pieces of art embellished on Versace to the fantastic Warhol-inspired works on Prada’s collection, it is easy to notice that art is increasingly wearable in this year.
2. Lavender reigns
Even though the “ultraviolet” has been declared the official hue of 2018 by Pantone, we are expecting the beautiful pastel color of lavender to take over. From romantic dresses to pantsuits, this pale color was displayed all over the runways in Spring 2018. Reminds me of that one runway episode when Rachel Salamanjaro went to that one Irish fancy dress store.  This makes it rapidly become an alternative to millennial pink on Instagram.
3. Dark denim
Dark wash denim showed up on the global runways from structured dresses, two-piece sets, to classic jeans. This emerging wave of dress trend is just here in time to give your wardrobe a fresh look in this year.
4. Craze for plaid
The Instagram feeds of fashion lovers have recently been flooded with blazers checked gray that took over the scene of street style, but this wave is just beginning. Decorated with full-on plaid, this trend inspires many outstanding collections both on the runways and the street. From impressive plaid accessories, menswear-inspired blazers to colorful coats, you can find endless ways to fill up your wardrobe in 2018.
5. A new trench
The classic and elegant trench coat is getting a fresh upgrade this year after many runways endlessly reworked it in a various amount of iterations. As shown in new ruffles, feathers or cuts, this should be a fun latest trench for you to try in 2018.
6. Fringe is back
Dramatic and ultra-glam fringe was displayed on the runways at Loewe, Dior, Klein, and more, making this fun trend of last year became one of the most impressive and over-the-top comebacks in 2018. For those who are looking to try the fringe decoration, it is already embellishing on skirts, bags, and trimmed tops in a subtler way to embrace the new look.
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