An exhibition of Akiza, Amandine Urruty, Aurore Uribelarrea, Besseron, Cailloux, Ciou, Delasoup, Didier Progeas, Dran, Estocafich, Fabesko, Flore, Greg Coston, Hélène Durand, Julie the Great, Kareene, Luluberlu, Na / da, Nicomix, Pipocolor, Prunelle, Seb de Groot, Seb le Putois, Walter Séné and Yann Taillefer

«The idea of ​​this exhibition was born from a rather strange observation on several collective exhibitions that the Art of Nothing organized the last two years. Whether it was for Doll’s Art, The Bic Show or other large groups, each time amongst the “provincials” exhibited, the Toulouse artists were always the most numerous, for a Marseillais, for example, there was always Three or four Toulouseers.

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