Alex Nguyen is an expert artist, with Vovinam inspired scissor kick brush strokes, and a killer bod that will have your hipster girlfriend leaving you for him day after day.  Alex Vo Nguyen has been given the honor of a lifetime by his peers by being named the sexiest artist in Philly.  With ladies screaming left and right for what is assuredly an orgasmic endeavor of the senses, Alex Nguyen has be able to be come the sexy art trigger every teenage hipster has been looking for.

I mean just check out this guys style… no wonder he is the sexiest artist in Philly.


If you would like to know more about this sexy artist, then all you have to do is call him on his cell phone… or be at the Sexy Artist Gallery in downtown Philadelphia next Monday from 9am – 10am.  He’s going to be there shirtless, doing a rare nipple painting movement that garnered him a massive amount of attention in 1997.

With a beefcake like Alex Nguyen taking over the art seen in Philadelphia this year, it’s going to be near impossible to keep that pretentious girlfriend of yours from leaving you for his sexy art bod.


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